I am a User Experience Designer and Strategist currently based in Miami. It's no secret that I am extremely passionate about what I do for a living. My background in Art Direction has given me a great eye for design. I think about the big picture but spend more time in the details. I tell stories and solve complicated problems. I bring functional and business requirements together to solve the needs of users while also fulfilling the needs of the business.

Willingness to learn


Producing honest work is a principle I stand on. My credibility is vital to my journey. I have had to sign NDAs (Non-disclosure Agreements) which is why you do not see everything I've ever done. In some cases I'm able to show work in person, which is not considered digital distribution.

UI/UX design

My background stems in graphics. While going to school for Art Direction, I simultaneously learned user-centered design principles and have been practicing UCD ever since.

usability studies

End-users have the ability to make or break your product. Understanding how your product functions in the hands of your users is pivotal to understanding how you are helping them operationally. Ease of use and performance matter.

Product strategy

The market differentiator is always the driver behind great strategy. The marriage of functional and business requirements is often the foundation for bringing it to life. One of my greatest abilities is to submerge myself in whatever industry I am focused on for the product. There is no such thing as knowing it all. Ideas can come from anywhere.


information architecture

The art and science of organizing and labeling content correctly has a direct impact on a users ability to gain confidence while using your product. Understanding hierarchy and information management is crucial.


Learning about your users and empathizing with them is vital to the direction of your product. There is no better way to uncover intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. Even if it's informal; attitudinal and behavioral findings can speak volumes.


Digging into problems as a project kicks off is the most fun part of my job. Working with the rest of the team and getting other perspectives gives everyone at the table a chance to learn, discover and create.

WIREFRAMING& Prototyping

This is my most common deliverable. It is also my favorite. Testing your hypothesis, collecting feedback and iterating is the best part of the product development process. Validation is a great feeling.


I like to think of this as a game board. Mapping out the journey helps you understand the end goal and how long it takes to get there. It facilitates a better understanding of user behavior and the level of complexity being proposed.

Design process

Consistency is key.


UX should be considered an over arching design approach. I consider my role to act as the central nervous system of the product development team. I am the bridge between the end-users and the business. I bring the research gathered to product managers, engineers, and internal stakeholders; resulting in comprehensive, collaborative and actionable solutions.


Tell me about someone who failed their product while taking a User Centered Design (UCD) approach. You can't. I create designs based on qualitative and quantative research that was gathered across internal and external stakeholders. The most important requirements will come from your external stakeholders (your users).


While you don't always get the time to run usability studies and have formalized processes, there are things you can do to mitigate 'guessing'. There may be projects that go from no requirements straight to design. This is where collaboration and group efforts will come in. I'm sure everyone is familiar with speed before learning. Every project is different.